A clinic for Foreigners in Hanoi

Hanoi is being the place of choice for more and more foreigners. They come to Hanoi for travel, studying, working or even permanent living. Beyond so many positive things living here, the most negative thing they have to face with is pollution. Living in a hot, humid and polluted environment, getting problems related to Ear-Nose-Throat is not hard to be seen, especially alergic rhinitis, sinus infection, tonsillitis, ear infection... and so many more. Unfortunately, looking for a good ENT consultation with English speaking doctor is not so easy, if they don't want to pay such a costly fee in few international hospitals. There's a truth that, the medical fee for foreigner is always much higher than for local.

Perceive that point, Vanphuc ENT clinic is opened, with modern endoscopic system and our specialists, Doctor Quang Nguyen and Doctor Tuan Pham, are all fluent in English, have been trained oversea,  experience in working for both local and international hospital... , we provide guarantee service in manage all the disorders of Ear-Nose-Throat system, trying to bring back the comfort for patients, especially with a LOCAL fee.

Clinic for Foreigners and Locals
Add: No 14 lot C, 26 alley, Van Phuc str., Ba Dinh distr., Hanoi
Phone: 098 333 1284

Note: We have VAT receipt in case of need for insurance payment.

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